3 Reasons Why Most Entrepreneurs Fail — 4 Minute

1.Following Fake Gurus

You see, the great thing about the Internet is there’s so much information out there. The sad thing about the Internet is that nowadays everyone is an expert.

So if you notice, who you learn from is much more important of what you learned, are they truly proven?

Are the models proven to work in different market conditions and in different circumstances?

And if you weedy, dig, dive, what do you think about it that will eliminate 99% of them. And these gurus are telling your trends that might disappear overnight, then you’re building your future on quick sand instead of on a solid foundation.

So ask yourself, are these trends gonna be around 1 year, 2 years,3 years, 5 years, 10 years from now?

That’s what you want to focus on.

2. Trying to do things in the wrong order.

Let’s take, for example, that you want to start a Shopify store. Yes, it kind of doesn’t cost you a lot, but inventory cost you

What if the product doesn’t sell? You put all your life savings, a little bit of money that you have into it. And then now what?

What do you do? Where do you go from here?

3. The incapability to make prospects into clients

Michael Gerber from Emit talks about this. Most people, they’re actually not entrepreneurs. They are technicians suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure, meaning that they are very good at the technical work at the thing.



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