4 Industries Make You Millionaire Without Knowing — 4 Minutes

1. Technology

Now, you know, the Google, the Facebook, the Apple. But we’re talking beyond that. Consider industries that you just might enter, perhaps by mistreatment technology, what you’ll do to disrupt that business.. And you can see that a lot. Now, we call that disruptors, right? How could use technology to make things more efficient? We’re talking about robotics. We’re talking about AI. We’re talking about automation. We’re talking regarding automation. We’re talking regarding producing of those technology merchandise or maybe providing technology as service. Billions and billions and billions of value are going to be created in this particular sector. So are you a technology entrepreneur?

2. Health Care

People are always willing to spend a lot of money to stay longer. So healthcare I’m referring to could be assisted living, senior homes, Pharmaceuticals, any products or services that will help people to live longer, life and stay healthier. That’s very good. Industry to get into.

3. Entertainment And Recreation

Beyond just education, people want to be entertained. In fact, people demand entertainment. Now, what am I talking about? Movies, animations, productions, special effects. There’s so many companies going into their industry. Amazon, prime, of course, Netflix, Hulu, Disney, Plus. I could go on and on and on. Why? Because this is where we are going now, on the other hand, thinking about industries who help and facilitate this particular industry.



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