4 Minutes — Brain and The Exercise

4 min readJan 26, 2022

We all know those people. They show up to class with a lying, ethereal Sheen of sweat on their forehead with their fixed gear, bike and toe.

And I go for a light jog at lunch, and then I eat a power bar or they bow out after drinks for a quick little John on the elliptical. Sure, they are gymnasium rats, and they are pretty darn annoying, however they will be onto one thing once it. Mental health? Yep.

We’re going to get you into their camp without having to invest in late warmers and wristbands today on Well Cast. We’re going to be talking about exercise now. We all know that exercise can help out with their

However what proportion does one realize the results of exercise on the mind? Physically, the advantages of exercise square measure pretty obvious, and therefore the The American College medical sports medicine specialty recommends 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per day. The physician general.Well, he agrees. It’ll keep your heart healthy, your weight down and all systems go.

But the psychological benefits of exercise are actually just as compelling. Physically active individuals show considerably fewer symptoms of depression than inactive individuals. A study done by doctors at the University of Lone-Star State heart found that individuals WHO exercise half-hour per day were virtually 0.5 as doubtless to be depressed as people who did not.

Exercise also releases endorphins to the brain, creating a sense of, wellbeing, it makes people high on wellness, and it’s natural, legal, and it won’t give you the munchies along with it getting you awesomely. Pumped up on endorphins. Exercise will increase brain wave activity to the brain. that is the reasonably brain wave that helps you clear your mind and focus.

But now we’ve come to a roadblock to a lot of people. Exercise is boring. You don’t like getting sweaty. It’s uncomfortable. It’s not fun. You don’t have time. The list goes on, but that’s why we’re here, and we’re going o get you into a brain clearing. Focus building exercise routine that won’t seem too daunting to start.

And we’re gonna get your brain to realize why exercise is essential time for our Well Cast Journal workout. And we actually mean a physical one this time. First, set aside, half-hour to work out . That’s right. Put on that workout. Care of choice Crank up your music, get your heart rate up. Get sweaty, dance around.

If you need to do jumping Jacks jog in place, take a break to do a few sit ups Nothing too intimidating, though. Okay. And after 30 minutes, sit down with your well cash Journal and write about it. Tell me about how you felt during the workout. No, not how your body felt. Focus on your mind.

Did you have trouble starting? How did you feel in the middle of the workout at the end? Now, attempt doing this on a daily basis for one week. That’s right Pump iron run in place. Do sit ups. Do those jumping Jacks for 30 minutes every day at the end of the week, write down how your mood has changed within that period.

The brain recognizes success when it sees it, which means the better you feel emotionally after working out, the more likely you are to do it on a semi regular basis, and then you’ll reap all those other physical benefits too. Let’s recap. Everyone knows how exercise has autos of physical benefits. Hi well, here at Well Cast, we focused only on the mental ones.


Anyway, you exercise for 30 minutes and then you wrote in your Journal right off the bat, you were probably pretty tired. But when you came back for another journaling session, we want to know how you felt. Did you get any of that focus that each one these studies boast concerning? What about after one week? Let us know how your exercise went.

This is our 4 minute . See You Next Time

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